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Friends only!

Created by crystalic_chick

Soo I've decided to make my journal friends only..

Day 65

I knew I would have a lot on my plate as a music teacher but sometimes its a bit overwhelming. Theres so much to think about, I don't think the other teachers always realize it. Today I actually got things accomplished off my to do list, but I keep adding things to it..

I want to have my band play for Christmas, but with the Christmas program I just don't really have time. I also don't think the kids are really ready. I have told them we might but have asked the principal if we can have a mini concert on the last day yet. If I tell her then we will have to. We sounded good on 1 Christmas song today.. but I passed out a new one last week and it's still pretty rough. The old band director called me today and is going to stop in next week..so maybe I'll see what she thinks.

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Yeah, I created it. No I shouldn't have because you know..I need to be an adult and apply for jobs and stuff. But, if you love Chuck and love kinky stuff then please prompt away! And tell your friends!

chuck_kink chuck_kink chuck_kink chuck_kink chuck_kink chuck_kink 


Mini-friends cut

Cut a few people I didn't think were around anymore..if you are around and want to stay, let me know and I will gladly add you back.

Halloween 09

One of the best weekends I've had in a while.

Friday night--Went to Shannon, Kerry, and Holly's apartment for their Halloween party dressed as fem-Bones or as I called myself Dr. Lenora McCoy:

Here be picturesCollapse )

Saturday and SundayCollapse )

All in all a fab weekend.I had such a fun time with friends that I'm not really that upset about the money being stolen. I need to have more weekends like this in my life. And I just really love Halloween.

So you know that interview I was supposed to have on Monday? didn't happen. The principal "forgot". I drove all the way there and the doors were locked .I walked around trying to find a way in for like 20 minutes when someone finally opened a door and said the principal wasn't even there. I talked to her on the phone and she said she forgot and she would call me back. If she does call me back I don't even know if I want to go again. It doesn't sound like a place that I want to work at. Ugh.

I've been up at the lake since then and it's been great. Been just sitting on the pier all day and getting super tan. It's so relaxing and I finally am reading Deathly Hallows again. This is surprisingly only my 2nd time, there's a few things I have forgotten. I'll probably cry at the end again like I did the first time because I am lame.

I get to spend the evening with my cousin's baby. He's finally talking and being a real boy lol. He's so cute, oh my gosh. Best quote from him..He came over to my lakehouse and my mom asked him "Where's Berkley's (my dog) bone?" his response? "In my pocket!" lol it was not in his pocket nor anywhere near his pocket lmao.

My friend should be here very soon so I should get going. I've tried to keep up with my flist, but because of ontdhp my flist is insane, so I probably missed something. Let me know if there's anything big I've missed! Have a good rest of the week!

Feb. 8th, 2009

I did my first ever friends cut. Not very many. I just felt that I never made a connection or they never really posted. If you were cut and would like to stay, then let me know.


The Office: High School Band Style

Finally posting the first chapter! It was hard working on this today, when all I can think about was season 5, but I pulled through.

Title: The Office: High School Band Style
Rating:T for language
Summary: Jim Halpert is a high school trombone player who secretly lusts after flute player Pam Beesly. He has been best friends with fellow trombone player Ryan Howard, for years. However, things start to go sour for the two friends after band auditions.
Characters:Jim, Ryan, Michael, Dwight

Chapter 1Collapse )


Office Slash Fic!

Here is a little Jim/Dwight fic I wrote this week for desafinada13

It's a crack!fic fo def. At first I wanted it to be totally hilarious, but it has moments of being angsty..I couldn't help it.


part 3!

Title: First Words Spoken
Rating:PG-13(charlie drops the f-bomb once and there's implied sex.. :) )
Summary: Written for Charlie/Claire challenge using Charlie, Claire, the island, and a clown.
Characters:Charlie, Claire, Locke