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♪ Geekin' Out Across the Galaxy

Adult by day, fangirl by night.

Fancy New Emily
19 September 1986
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Me: A nerdy teacher who spends her days teaching children about music and then comes home and geeks out online.

TV: Chuck. Doctor Who. Downton Abbey. Sherlock. The Office. How I Met Your Mother. Modern Family. Big Bang Theory. Misfits. RIP shows-Firefly. Arrested Development. Freaks and Geeks. Lost. Veronica Mars. and yes Gilligan's Island.
Movies:Star Wars. Harry Potter. Indiana Jones. Moulin Rouge. About a Boy. Newsies. Billy Elliot. Slumdog Millionaire. Bollywood. Star Trek. Etc.
Music: The Beatles. Jason Mraz. The Swell Season. Jack's Mannequin. Flight of the Conchords. Ben Folds. Death Cab for Cutie. Keane. Andrew Bird. The Ditty Bops. Vienna Teng.
Ships:Ron/Hermione. Jim/Pam. Han/Leia. Jayne/Kaylee. Bones/Kirk. Charlie/Claire. Chuck/Casey. Veronica/Logan. Nathan/Kelly. Amy/Rory. Sherlock/John.

My journal is f-locked, but I'm always looking for new friends so if you would like to be friends just comment Here!

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