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The Office: High School Band Style

Finally posting the first chapter! It was hard working on this today, when all I can think about was season 5, but I pulled through.

Title: The Office: High School Band Style
Rating:T for language
Summary: Jim Halpert is a high school trombone player who secretly lusts after flute player Pam Beesly. He has been best friends with fellow trombone player Ryan Howard, for years. However, things start to go sour for the two friends after band auditions.
Characters:Jim, Ryan, Michael, Dwight

Jim sat in Math class counting down the minutes until lunch when he would get to see Pam again. He knew it was lame, but as a teenager, there was little he lived for. As he was staring off into space he felt his best friend Ryan poke him in the arm. Jim turned to look at him. 

“Jim. Stop thinking about Pam. We got band chair placements to worry about.” Ryan whispered. 

Jim sighed. He had completely forgotten about that. “Shit. Those are today?” 

“Mr. Halpert is there something that you would like to share with the class?”  Jim looked up at Mr. Murphy who was sternly glaring at him. Jim flushed and stared down at his desk. “Um, no.” 

“Then what was it that you are Mr. Howard were discussing? I don’t think it was trigonometry, as I don’t think you have been paying attention this entire class period. Please speak with me after class.” 

Jim felt his face heat up even more as he continued to look at his desk. 

After his discussion with Mr. Murphy at the end of class, Jim caught up with Ryan who was waiting outside the classroom. 

“So what’s the damage? What did Murph say?” 

Jim shrugged. “I dunno. He just told me to start paying attention more or next time he’ll give me a detention or something.” 

“Woo. You got off easy, Halpert. I’ve heard that he can sometimes be pretty harsh.” 

Jim nodded. Frankly, he was a little pissed that he was the only one that got called out when it was Ryan that talked to him in the first place. 

“Well, thanks for reminding me about the auditions anyway. I totally forgot and haven’t really practiced for a few days,” Jim remarked as they walked towards their lockers. 

“Yeah I forgot too until that little shit Andy Bernard reminded me,” Ryan said rolling his eyes. 

“Oh god. I hate that kid so much. Why does he keep trying to be your friend? I can’t stand his high a capella singing.” Jim started to do an impression of Andy singing “The Rainbow Connection” as they reached their lockers. They had been lucky enough to have lockers close together.   

Ryan snorted as he opened his locker and threw his books inside and grabbed his lunch. 

“So you ready for lunch? You’ll get to see your precious Pammy,” Ryan said in a mock girlish voice. 

Jim closed his locker. “Actually I’m going to have to skip lunch today. I haven’t really practiced and I really should if I’m going to beat you.” 

Ryan gasped. “Beat moi? Never!” 

“But I always do. Must be those little arms,” Jim said with a grin. 

“Hey, just because we all aren’t as tall as you doesn’t mean you can make fun,” Ryan said, pouting. He could be rather sensitive about his height sometimes. 

Jim was getting a little annoyed of Ryan and was glad when they reached the cafeteria. “Well my small friend, this is where I leave you.” 

“Fine. I’ll see you in band. Don’t practice too hard. You know you’ll never beat me anyways.” 

Jim rolled his eyes again. He didn’t really know what was up with Ryan today. He wasn’t always this annoying. 

“Well, see you later, man,” Jim said as he started towards the band room. 

“Oh and don’t worry,” Ryan said, “I’ll say hi to your girlfriend for you!”

Jim practiced his trombone fervently for the next hour. He knew he shouldn’t be that worried; he was always first chair and Ryan was always second. But the comments that Ryan had made had really fueled him to try harder. And Ryan had been even more annoying than normal today. First he had gotten Jim in trouble for talking, and then, even worse, he was making fun of Jim’s crush. A smile came to Jim’s face as he thought about Ryan’s disappointment at being second chair again. 

Jim looked at the clock. It was almost time for band. Jim gathered up his music and his instrument. As he was heading back to the band room, he ran into Dwight Shrute, who he hated even more than Andy Bernard. 

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t Jim Halpert. I see you’re doing some last minute practicing.” 

“Yep. Oh, hey, I heard that Mr. Scott is making all the bassoons make their own reeds before the audition. I hope you’re ready for that.” 

Dwight scoffed. “A Shrute is always prepared for anything.” 

Jim shook his head, laughing, as he followed Dwight into the band room. As he was heading to his seat he caught a glimpse of Pam sitting in the front row. 

She was setting up her flute while Kelly Kapoor, the annoying girl who sat next to her, was talking with her. Well, not so much with her, as at her.  By the looks of it, Pam didn’t seem to enjoy it. 

Jim chuckled to himself and headed for his seat in the back row. He practiced for a few more minutes until Mr. Scott bounded up to the podium. 

“Hello bandos! You all ready for some auditions?” 

The only response to this was a half hearted ‘yes’ and blank stares. His enthusiasm was clearly lost on the band. 

“Well let’s start with Stan the man on the tuba. Can’t wait to see those big lips of yours in action.” 

Yikes, Jim thought to himself. 

He couldn’t believe that Mr. Scott was still working here after all the comments he had made. He was even tenured for some reason. 

After going through the rest of the brass section it was time for the trombones. Jim decided jut to get it over with and went first. 

“Good luck, man,” Ryan said to Jim as he walked over to Mr. Scott’s office.

Jim gulped before stepping inside. Auditions always made him nervous. He didn’t know why he should be nervous though; Mr. Scott clearly really liked him. 

“Jim my man!” Mr. Scott greeted as Jim came into the office. “Take a seat, take a seat! Dazzle me with your bone!”

Jim smiled weakly and sat down. “Hey, Mr. Scott. Yeah, um, okay.” 

“Just take it from the top of the etude there, Mr. Halpert.” 

Jim nodded and brought his instrument up. 

As he started the etude, he thought he was doing okay. But, as the piece went on, it got worse and worse, probably because he hadn’t practiced those parts as much. 

Jim grimaced as he finished and put his trombone down. 

Mr. Scott had a kind of worried look on his face. Jim knew this was not a good sign. 

“Well, let’s move on to sight-reading then,” said Mr. Scott with a fake smile. 

Since Jim had lost all of his confidence on the etude, his sight-reading was even worse. He kept changing meters; he messed up rhythms and was missed notes left and right. 

“Great job, Jimbo!” Mr. Scott said with a fake smile and an even faker enthusiasm. “Send in your buddy Mr. Howard please!” 

Jim walked from the office feeling horrible. He had never played so terribly in his entire life. It was his own damn fault for forgetting about the audition, but he was still going to blame Ryan for being such a prick today. 

Jim walked back to his seat and poked Ryan in the shoulder. “It’s your turn,” he mumbled. 

“Sweet! I am so ready for this!” Ryan yelled, pumping his fist in the air and walking towards Mr. Scott’s office. 

Jim slumped down in his chair. He knew that even though Mr. Scott could be a stupid ass sometimes, he would know how badly Jim did and be fair about it.  God, Jim mentally berated himself as he put his instrument away, you’re the dumb ass. You’re the one who didn’t practice until today. You deserve what you get. His thoughts were interrupted by Ryan, who was sitting down next to him. 

“Yes! I did so great, I think I’m going to be giving you a run for your money, Halpert,” Ryan said, giving Jim a punch on the arm. 

Jim tried to smile and nod and not let Ryan know what happened, but he couldn’t. It came out more as a grimace. 

“What’s up with you, Jim?” Ryan asked looking confused. 

Jim shrugged. “Nothing, man. Just thinking about how much homework I have tonight.” 

Ryan looked skeptical and looked around the band room. His eyes settled on Pam and a grin came to his face.

“Oh, I know. Someone finally snatched up your precious widdle Pammy,” Ryan said in a mock voice. 

Jim rolled his eyes. “Uh, whatever Ryan.” 

Ryan didn’t let up, though. “You knew it was going to happen sooner or later, man. She’s hot. I was going to do it soon too, since you never had the balls to.” 

 “Shut the fuck up!” Jim yelled, pushing Ryan roughly. 

Ryan just laughed as he was pushed into Creed, the other trombone player. 

“Hey watch it. You’re fighting worse than the bums at my shelter,” Creed said matter-of- factly. 

“Ha-ha, I knew that would get to you. So who was it?” Ryan said with a grin. 

Jim angrily blew out his breath and stood up. “Just leave me alone, Ryan.” 

Ryan continued to laugh as Jim walked to the other side of the room. He picked a chair that was farthest away from Ryan as possible and sat there attempting to do his math homework until the end of the period. 



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May. 31st, 2009 09:03 pm (UTC)
NO way! You write Office fic? My BFF Gracie LOVES Office fic, is it okay if I send her over here? :)

May. 31st, 2009 09:12 pm (UTC)
I attempt to write fanfic..lol

Yes of course you can send her here! :)
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