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Office Slash Fic!

Here is a little Jim/Dwight fic I wrote this week for desafinada13

It's a crack!fic fo def. At first I wanted it to be totally hilarious, but it has moments of being angsty..I couldn't help it.

Casino Night had just finished and Jim was sitting in his car drinking by himself. He felt numb. He had finally done it. He had told Pam that he loved her and finally kissed her.

He was getting ready to spend an evening at home watching mindless TV and drinking too much cheap beer. He was about to leave when he realized that he left his Ipod in the offices and if ever there was the night for listening to his angsty playlist, it was tonight.

Jim stepped out of his car and headed back to the building that held the Dunder Mifflin offices. He hoped that he wouldn’t have to face Pam again. That would be horrible. As he stepped off the elevators and opened the door to the office, he noticed that it wasn’t deserted as he hoped. But, it wasn’t Pam who he found, but Dwight.

Dwight was lying down sleeping on the couch and woke up suddenly when Jim stepped into the room.

“Jim, what are you doing here?” Dwight asked suspiciously.

“Hey man, just coming to grab my Ipod.”  Jim said shrugging.

“Heh. A Prism Durosport is much better. Much more durable. Just ask Pam.”

At the sound of Pam’s name Jim felt tears come to his eyes. Dwight looked at him with what looked like concern in his eyes.

Jim tried to pull himself together. “Please, Dwight. Don’t mention Pam to me right now.”

“Why? Did something transpire between you two?”

Jim could not believe that Dwight actually seemed concerned for him, and he was drunk enough that he was actually going to have a normal conversation with him.

“Well, yes actually. It was horrible. I told her that I loved her and she shot me down. Then me, being the masochistic person that I am, went back and kissed her.”

As Jim told Dwight his tale of woe, Dwight actually looked like he cared.

“Oh, Jim. That is horrible. Much like when Apollo confessed his love to Starbuck and she did not return it.” Dwight said with concern. “But, it’ll be alright. Just like Starbuck, she’ll come around.”

Jim had no idea what Dwight was talking about so he just nodded and said, “Uhh, yeah sure Dwight, whatever you say.” Jim could not stop thinking about the night’s events though. He sat down on the couch that had previously been Dwight’s bed and put his head in his hands.

As Jim sat there, he suddenly felt Dwight’s arm come around him. Jim was suddenly over come with emotion and leaned into Dwight’s shoulder sobbing.

Jim couldn’t believe that Dwight was being this nice to him and showing actual emotion. After Jim had calmed down, he glanced up at Dwight, and was surprised to see what he thought was affection in Dwight’s eyes. Jim did still feel a little drunk though.


Suddenly, Jim leaned in and kissed Dwight. Dwight responded right away and kissed Jim back, bringing his arms around Jim and pulling at his hair. It was rough and filled with the anger both of them felt against each other. As sudden as the kiss had started, Jim pulled away. Jim started to get up, not believing what he just did. They both looked at each other.

As they were staring at each other, Dwight broke out into a grin. “Yes, Jim. This is slash.”

Jim woke up suddenly, feeling sick to his stomach. Did I really just dream that? Wow. I’m so glad I always forget my dreams in the morning. Jim abruptly turned over and went to bed again.



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Aug. 18th, 2008 04:07 am (UTC)
This is slash.

LMAO. That was hilariousssss, haha. But - it was just a dream... I want to see some real angsty-pangsty slash from you, missy! ♥ =)
Aug. 18th, 2008 04:12 am (UTC)
It wasn't going to be a dream at first, but Louise is not much of a slasher so I thought she would be able to handle it if it was just a dream.

Did you know that all of my fics to date all have a dream sequence?

I don't even know why.
Aug. 21st, 2008 10:02 pm (UTC)
i feel that this icon is appropriate
oh jim/dwight, so much unrealized potential.
you're totally right though, you pulled out of that and made it hilarious just as I was starting to get uncomfortable ^_^

p.s. how's that band crackfic going??
Aug. 22nd, 2008 02:04 am (UTC)
Re: i feel that this icon is appropriate
haha i actually really really liked writing this and may write more..because I posted this on ff.net and on one of my office fic websites and got really good reviews and one person asked if I was going to write more Jim/Dwight..so I might go for more hardcore stuff..

umm i haven't really written too much more as I have been packing/rehearsing but I'm going to try to finish it when I'm at school before school gets too intense..

Oh and fyi for the concert tomorrow it starts at 7:30 and there's some music before the Planets but I don't think it's very long.
Aug. 22nd, 2008 04:57 am (UTC)
Re: i feel that this icon is appropriate
actually i forgot that i haven't really worked on my fic..because I decided I have NO idea how to write for Michael the band director..like Dwight was so easy to write for but..i keep having a hard time with Michael..
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